Systems Thinking for Sustainable Leadership & Transformation (STSLT)

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Learning Event

After an introduction to Systems Thinking, similar to the one-day workshop described (click here to learn more), this workshop focuses on skills development and how to use this technique to improve leadership and change strategy. The participants learn to differentiate between complex dynamics and concentrate on those areas with a high leverage for change. Much time is spent on individually developed cases: exploring the structure of dynamics from the real workplace and how to influence these. Furthermore participants are assisted in building the infrastructure to embed Systems Thinking into their organisation.

Programme results:

  • Map key interdependencies in a system
  • Discover systems structures behind visible events and how they influence behaviour
  • Apply Systems Thinking in both organisation and family life
  • Acquire a more effective and sustainable approach to leadership and organisation renewal
  • Learn to communicate the understanding of a specific dynamic from a systemic view
  • Develop an infrastructure to embed Systems Thinking in the organisation
3 consecutive days, 9h:00 - 17h:00

Executives, line managers, internal change agents
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