Learning Tools / Questionnaires

At CIL measuring noticeable results with our clients is a key component of our engagements.

We have developed a series of tools & questionnaires that help both individuals and their organisations assess how they measure on key areas both before we engage with them on either a consulting assignment or as part of their personal development and following the engagement.

This measurement is a key component of our work for the following reasons:
  • We use these results – before and after to show the impact of our intervention.
  • The tools and questionnaires in themselves provide learning for the clients and allows them to use these tools as part of their personal and organisational development plan.
  • We use these results to inform our own research and ensure that our products and services are continuing to meet the expectations and quality standards we set for ourselves as well as those set by our clients.
We have made available to you the following tools & questionnaires and invite you to complete them and then contact us once you receive the results.

•    Conversation Quality & Engagement Checklist for competent leadership
•    Strategic Thinking Capability Assessment (STCA)
•    Organisation Renewal Capability Assessment (ORCA)

We have other assessment and measurement tools available to us that we use when appropriate and in agreement with our clients.  These cover areas such as Organisational Trust and the Scenario Impact Questionnaire.

If you wish to learn more about our measurement tools and how they can be used to assist you and / or your organisation please contact us.
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