Scenario-based Strategy - Executive Briefing

Learning Event

Have you ever “known” what the conditions your organisation will face in the future are; you make a deep, long term commitment and fund it from borrowings…… and then the future turns out completely different?

You have come to believe that the future is now fundamentally unpredictable.  Scenario Thinking is very useful in leading your organisation or the part of it you lead.

Whether you are new to Scenario Thinking or whether you have already decided to invest in a Scenario Building Programme because you realise the importance of scenarios for your organisation and/or you are investing in building capacity in this methodology with your team through Thinking and Acting with Scenarios (TAS) you may find that you need to inform your colleagues and sponsors about what this way of thinking is all about.
This executive briefing is intended for this purpose.

Programme results:
  • Learn about the history of this field
  • Gain an overview of the differences between Traditional Thinking & Scenario Thinking
  • Clarify the basic principles behind Scenario Thinking and Scenario Based Strategy
  • Identify the different purposes of scenarios and broad methodologies
  • Understand how scenarios can be applied and used within your organisation
Half a day

Senior executives, strategy support staff, line managers and internal change agents
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