Business Model Development (BMD)

learning event     strategic thinking

This workshop sensitises leadership to the emerging requirements from customers and stakeholders. They learn to identify distinctive competencies, competitive advantage and how the organisation mobilises this system to develop sustainability in the face of competition.

Based on systems loops and links this workshop uses the S-curve phenomenon, encountered from start-up to maturity, to develop a model for the business. The business model building process provides a tool for enabling the strategic conversation about how the current business provides value-added products or services to customers.

Programme results:

  • Learn to use Systems Thinking as a technique for team learning and building alignment about key variables of the business model
  • Identify distinctive competencies and competitive advantage (cost-leadership, differentiation and channel management)
  • Understand how these aspects can be integrated to reinvest in developing distinctive competencies
  • Learn to test the robustness of the Business Model in different future conditions (Scenarios)
  • Identify options and develop strategic leverage areas
3 consecutive days, 09h:00 -17h:00
Follow-up if required.

Senior executives, managers and supervisors
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